As an Accredited Social Worker, I provide counselling either face-to-face from my rooms at One for Women in Murdoch, or via telehealth (zoom call).

I have completed additional training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, Neuroprotective Developmental Care (the Possums Program), Motherhood Studies and Perinatal Non-directive Counselling.  

I support families during pregnancy and in the postpartum period with the following:

  • Preparing for postpartum and motherhood

  • Worry, fear and anxious thoughts 

  • Low mood and/or depression 

  • Adjusting to motherhood

  • When motherhood doesn't look how you had pictured it

  • Changes to identity and sense of self after becoming a mother

  • Struggling with intrusive thoughts

  • Maternal guilt and anger

  • Baby sleep support

  • Support with a baby who cries and fusses excessively

  • Self-care

  • Exploring how to resource yourself so you have more capacity to mother the way you want 

  • Challenging beliefs around what it means to be a "good enough mother" 



You are able to self refer, and can book an appointment by contacting

  • One for Women on
    9328 0500; or

  • me directly on 0439 989 193.

GPs and other clinicians can refer patients by contacting One For Women on 9328 0500.

For GPs who would like to refer patients for Non-directive perinatal counselling, please use the referral form.

For pricing information, please consult the Investment Guide.

Let's talk about howI may help you.