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Hi, I'm Julia

I am an accredited social worker and mum offering support to women in the perinatal period.


I believe every woman deserves an enjoyable and fulfilling postpartum period.


I want you to feel heard, validated and supported as a mother. 


Why work with me

Becoming a new mum is beautiful and fulfilling... but can also bring with it stress and exhaustion.


We know that a lack of practical, social and emotional support can leave women vulnerable to experiencing mental health problems at this time (Centre of Perinatal Excellence, 2021).


It does not have to be this way! Planning, information and ongoing support for maternal mental health and infant sleep can make a huge difference.

My approach is one that supports your transition to mum-life by managing overwhelm, learning how to take care of yourself, and supporting your infant's sleep, without compromising the beautiful bond you can enjoy with your baby.

Being a social worker means I have the formal training, qualifications and experience in perinatal and infant mental health and wellbeing, and infant sleep, to support your parenting journey.

Centre of Perinatal Excellence. (2021). Postnatal Mental Health Conditions.

Woman Centred Care

With you at the centre of my practice I will affirm you, validate you and encourage you to tap into your knowledge and wisdom.


I will normalise your experience of being a new mum – the good days and the challenging ones.


You are the expert in your new baby, and I will remind you of your strengths and how lucky your baby is to call you mum.

Matricentric Feminist  Approach

Matricentric feminism seeks to make motherhood the business of feminism by positioning mothers’ needs and concerns as the starting point for a theory and politics on and for women’s empowerment” (O’Reilly, 2019).

I will challenge the social and cultural constructs of motherhood which bring about feelings of guilt and shame.


I will value your work as a mother as essential, and encourage respectful and responsive care of you and your baby.


I want to be part of the change that redefines motherhood; one that gives you back agency and encourages the “village help” approach.

O’Reilly, A. (2019). Matricentric Feminism: A Feminism for Mothers. Journal of the Motherhood Initiative, 10(1-2), 13-26.

Lived Experience

I had a challenging start to becoming a mum.


A traumatic birth, a baby with a heart defect requiring open heart surgery and a NICU stay.


I struggled with my mental health and wellbeing during this period.


I’m also a single mum. All of this happened during the first year of my daughter’s life.


I have lived experience in the challenges that mums face.


This has given me insight into how difficult this period can be and what support should look like.

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