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Infant Sleep Support


Many mums report experiencing problems with their baby's sleep.


Trying to find your way through all of the conflicting information can feel confusing, and at times, you may even blame yourself for your baby's sleep problems.

This can be distressing for mums who find they are at a loss, unsure of what steps to take, so that their days and nights become easier.


I am passionate about providing holistic, evidence-based support to mums when it comes to their baby's sleep. We know this is protective of your mental health, infant mental health, and breastfeeding, and promotes a joyful postpartum period.

The support I provide is in line with my training and is based on the latest research into infant sleep, crying, breastfeeding, neuroscience and infant and maternal mental health.

This is a mainstream sleep training free zone! You can expect to learn to tune into your baby and yourself, and feel confident that you don't need to compromise your own, or your baby's mental health, to experience manageable sleep patterns and more enjoyable days and nights.

If you would like some baby sleep support, that promotes responsive infant care, and does not include any form of sleep training, I would be delighted to chat to you.

Basic Baby Sleep 

 Consult Package

This is perfect for you if you would like a one-off baby sleep support consult.

Before your session, we will have a free 10 minute call, so you can decide if this is the best approach and fit for your family.


The consult is a 50 minute zoom call, this is a tailored session, unique to you and your baby.

It will include a holistic assessment of your baby's sleep, your individual circumstances, mental health and wellbeing.

By the end of the session, you will have a personalised plan to make your days and night's more manageable and enjoyable.


Contact me for more information or to book.

Sleeping Baby

Complete Baby Sleep Package

This is perfect for you if you would like a comprehensive overview of what is going on with your baby's sleep, and you want to be supported the whole way through.

We'll start with a free 10 minute call, for you to decide if this is the best approach and fit for your family.

You will then complete a baby sleep diary for a week prior to our session.

During our 50 minute zoom call, I will conduct a holistic assessment of your baby's sleep and discuss the sleep diary. We will also look at other factors that may be impacting your baby's sleep, personal circumstances and your overall mental health and wellbeing.

We will identify your baby sleep goals, expectations of infant sleep, and include some education around what biologically normal infant sleep looks like.

As well as looking at infant sleep, we will focus on you, and how you can have your needs met while taking care of your baby.

We will together create a tailored plan, which I will send to you via email. It will include resources and information that is personalised for you.

2 weeks later we will have a 20 minute zoom follow up consult to check in and review how the plan is going. This is your opportunity to ask questions, and ensure the plan is right for you and your baby.


Contact me for more information or to book.

Let's talk about howI may help you.

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